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Gas detector Tubes   
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Spare Parts


Product Article Number
Toximeter II  Delta Charger Dockingstation D6170760
Toximeter II  Charger Omega II D6170724
Toximeter II  Filter set D5142706
Toximeter II  Sampling line adapter D5142707
Gas Tester II  Small Parts Set D5146906 
Gas Tester I  Spare Parts Set D5140920
Gas Tester I  Valve Washer Ring   (pkg of 3) D5140923
Gas Tester I Aspirator Bulb D5140012
Tubes Cover Cap (3pcs) D5140924
Airtester  Adapter R 5/8" 200bar D4071017
Airtester  Adapter R 5/8" 300bar D4073018
Tubes Set Case, assembly w/support D5146914
Toximeter II Battery pack 1400 NC (without 3.5mm charging jack) D6171750
Toximeter II Charger Delta Docking Station D6172760
Toximeter II Charger Omega II D6170724