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The GW-G (Gerätewagen-Gefahrgut) is a fire-fighting vehicle equipped with special equipment for carrying out emergency measures after dangerous goods accidents. The GW-G contains special equipment for risk control and risk elimination, such as for example in case of acid or mineral oil accidents, which are liable to cause harm to persons or the environment. The detector tubes of MSA/Kwik-Draw are an essential part of this equipment. These tubes are certified according to DIN 14555.

Tubes according "GW-G" DIN14555: containing 10 tubes of:

NH3-2 ETW D5092845
Phosgen ETW            D5092854
Chlor-0,2 ETW           D5092801
Salzsäure-1 ETW D5092846
Blausäure-2 ETW D5092824
Ethanol-100 ETW D5093818
Hexan-20 ETW D5093832
CO2-0,1% ETW D5092817
CO-10 ETW D5092821
Phenol-1 ETW D5093838
PH3-0,05 ETW D5092829
SO2-1 ETW D5092803
H2S-1 ETW    D5092826
NO2-0,5 ETW D5092805
Tri-5 ETW D5092842
VC-1 ETW D5092837
QL D5085810
Aktions-PR-Sortiment I D5085752
Aktions-PR-Sortiment II D5085753