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The Indoor Air Set provides a quick assessment and a first information of the indoor environment in a wide variety of workplaces offices and other rooms.

A box of Indoor Air Set is containing 2 each detector tubes of CO-5, CO2-100, Ozone 0.05, Formaldehyd 0.1 and a detector tube for testing the humidity level. In addition, a thermometer [testing strip] is on the side of each package. Room temperature is indicated with the testing strip from 14°C...31°C or 58 °F...88°F.

For additional measurements use MSA sorbent tubes with connected analysis in a chemical laboratory. A detector tube pump is necessary for the use of detector tubes

Ordering Information : Indoor Air Set - D5086848

Detector tubeMeasuring rangeDescription
CO 5...1000 ppm Smokers, lorries and forklifts or other combustion engines
inside the building
CO 2 10...3000 ppm Overall indicator of indoor air quality, levels above
1000 ppm indicate a ventilation problem
Formaldehyde 0.1 ...10 ppm Smoke from cigarettes, new carpets, particle boards
Ozone 0.05...5 ppm Copy machines, environmental air
Humidity 10...100% rel. H. Low humidity can cause irritated eyes and sinus problems