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Industry Action Kits

Industry Action Sets are variety packs of various detector tubes, designed specifically for different needs. MSA offers Industry Action Sets for the following industries: Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, Petroleum, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Synthetics Manufacturing, and Semiconductor. Conveniently packaged in boxes of 12, MSAÕs Industry Action Sets give you 20% more sampling than with traditional boxes.


Set Contents

D5086875 - Petroleum Set

2 x Hydrogen Sulfide tubes
2 x Carbon Monoxide tubes
2 x Qualitest tubes
4 x Benzene tubes
2 x Hexane tubes

 D5086870 - Agricultural Set

4 x Phospine tubes
2 x Sulfur Dioxide tubes
4 x Methyl Bromide tubes
2 x Hydrogen Cyanide tubes


D5086871 - Pharmaceutical Set
3 x Acetic Acid tubes
3 x Aromatic HC tubes
3 x Qualitest tubes
3 x Hydrogen Cyanide tubes

D5086873 - Mining Set
3 x Carbon Monoxide tubes
2 x Nitrogen Dioxide tubes
3 x Nitrous fumes tubes
4 x Natural Gas/Methane tubes

D5086872 - Pulp & Paper Set
3 x Chlorine Dioxide tubes
2 x Sulfur Dioxide tubes
3 x Hydrogen Sulfide tubes
2 x Chlorine tubes
2 x Ozone tubes

D5086874-Synthetics Manufacturing Set
2 x Toluene tubes
4 x Qualitest tubes
2 x Ethanol tubes
2 x Vinyl Chloride tubes
2x Triochloroethylene tubes


Semiconductor Sets
There are four different sets
targeted at specific semiconductor
manufacturing processes:

D5086876 - Chemical Vapor Deposition Process
3 x Ammonia tubes
3 x CO2 tubes
3 X Nitrous fumes tubes
3 x H2S tubes

D5086877 - Etching Process
4 x Ammonia tubes
4 x Chorine tubes
4 x Hydrogen Chloride tubes

D5086878 - Epitaxy Process
3 x CO tubes
3 x Hydrogen Chloride tubes
3 X Phosphine tubes
3 x Phosgene tubes

D5086879 - Crystal Growth Process
6 x Phosgene tubes
6 x Phosphine tubes