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Smoke Tubes (Non-Corrosive)
Indicate the airflow in a room and/or find leakages in pipelines with the Kwik-Draw Smoke Tubes (Non-Corrosive).

These easy to use Kwik-Draw tubes produce a visible aerosol plume of white smoke when the ampoules in the tube are broken. A simple squeeze rubber bulb pushes air through the tube to propel the smoke into the ambient air. Even the most gentle air currents are made visible. If the test is completed before all the smoke is used, the tube can be sealed using rubber caps provided. 

The product is available as a kit complete with 6x Smoke Tubes, rubber sealing caps, and a rubber bulb for creating the aerosol plume, or as a pack of 12x refills.


ApplicationPart No. Type Part No.
Plastic tube contains two glass ampoules with different chemicals [Ethylenediamine and Acetic Acid] to produce non-corrosive smoke to identify air flow patterns and leaks
[12 tubes/pkg]
Ventilation smoke tube
[not corrosive]
Kit of smoke tubes and a hand-held rubber aspirator bulb contained in a plastic carrying case
[6 tubes/pkg]
Ventilation smoke tube kit 
[not corrosive]
Especially for smoke generation with ventilation smoke 
tubes also for other smoke generating tubes
Rubber aspirator bulb
[not corrosive]


Instuction video:


Corrosivity explanation

D5019708 + D5019709 are tubes that create Non-Corrosive gas, based on Ethylendiamin. This tube is totally safe to use and can be used where human presence is high. The smoke from these tube do not leave residue. 

Low-CorrosiveD5019704 are tubes that create corrosive gas, but a low corrosive, Tin based gas which is used mainly for breathing apparatus fit test and Ventilation check. It makes an human to cough when in contact with the smoke and thus widely used for Breathing Apparatus fit test. 

CorrosiveD5019701+ D6009000 is a tube that creates a high corrosive gas, an Oleum based as which is used for air direction and fume hood applications where human breathing or presence is very low.