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Gas detector Tubes

Range of 6mm Ø tubes: UNIPHOS

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Charcoal Sorbent Tubes

             Order Code SL/CL* mg
Charcoal Type B, 10 tubes/pkg D5086740 300/600
Charcoal Type B, 180  tubes/pkg D5086940 300/600
Charcoal Type BIA, 10 tubes/pkg D6103740 300/600
Charcoal Type BIA, 180 tubes/pkg D6103940 300/600
Charcoal Type G, 10 tubes/pkg D5086741 600/300
Charcoal Type G, 180 tubes/pkg D5086941 600/300
Charcoal Type NIOSH, 10 tubes/pkg D6103730 100/50
Charcoal Type NIOSH, 50 tubes/pkg D6103730 100/50


Electronic/Automatic Toximeter II
Air Sampling Pump 
ATEX certified