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Air sampling pumps:  Kwik-Draw Basic & deluxe

Kwik-Draw detector tube pumps can be used with an assortment of KWIK-DRAW™ detector tubes to spot-test the atmosphere for a wide variety of toxic substances. 

Kwik-Draw Basic

Part No. : D5146761
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Kwik-Draw Pumps allow detection of gases and vapors with the squeeze of a handle. To obtain a precise (100ml or cc) sample volume, the user simply grasps the hand grip and pushes the knob. The pump's compression system provides the guiding action to drive a spring-loaded bellows pump.

An integral, easy-to-read stroke counter shows the exact number of strokes performed and provides a positive stop when the stroke is fully compressed.

Kwik-Draw Deluxe

Part No. : D5146762
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A second model, the Kwik-Draw Deluxe Pump, has a unique end-of-stroke indicator that "winks" after the precise volume of air is drawn, confirming that enough air has been sampled for a successful reading. This is the clearest end-of-stroke indicator on the world market.

See for yourself how clear the end-of-stroke indicator is, on the video below: