About 7Solutions B.V.

7Solutions IGD

7Solutions B.V. is a company with a complete range of measuring instruments for everything that has to do with gas and gas detection. Our product line currently includes over 150 types of Uniphos Gas Detector Tubes & Pumps, a variety of electronic Uniphos Fumigation Monitors and a new line of Gas Sampling Bags developed as replacements for Tedlar. Our Gas Detection Tubes are currently used in the oil/gas, pipeline, refinery, safety, environmental and fumigation sectors to detect over 150 different gases and vapors with several ranges.

Uniphos is an internationally recognized manufacturer of gas detection tubes, fumigation products and agro-chemicals with sales of over €1.2 billion in 23 different countries and an established track record of business since 1969. As the Master Distributor for Uniphos in Europe, we are able to offer their full range of gas detection products to our customers. As a manufacturer of fumigation chemicals, Uniphos also supplies a complete range of fumigant detectors, including detector strips, dosimeter tubes, handheld electronic monitors, portable benchtop monitors, and fixed multi-zone monitors.

One of the significant advantages of buying Uniphos tubes through 7Solutions B.V. is our program of "Tubes That Never Expire". This industry first is provided by a replacement plan as the tubes reach the end of their shelf life. We also deliver a consistently lower cost point than our competitors and provide tubes in boxes of 10, for greater convenience and lower cost per tube. Delivery time is one to five business days on all orders anywhere in the Europe. In addition, 7Solutions B.V. offers a exchange program, this implies a trade-in of any other manufacturer's pump regardless of make or model and we will return you a Uniphos pump


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