Livestock farmers will often encounter a toxic concentration of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and Ammonia (NH3), but most of the times they are not aware of this. H2S and Ammonia is being released by the excrements of living animals, like cattle, pigs, horses, poultry and other. It is strongly adviced always to measure before entering the slurry pit. Especially poultry will produce huge amounts of Ammonia.

Uniphos has different kind of tubes with different ranges, to measure the H2S and Ammonia concentration in air. This could prevent you to work in an unhealthy and even hazardous environment, and also prevent health problems to your cattle and poultry, or when you cultivate mushrooms on horse manure.

Ethylene and Ethylene Oxide and Alcohol Vapour, could also create problems to farmers who cultivates or conserves vegetables, fruit, potatoes or other plants. Ethylene will be released by rotten fruit or plants, what will directly affect the other vegetables you try to conserve. If you are not aware of this, eventually your whole stock will be overripe or rotten, what will lead to loss of sales. Besides Ethylene, Alcohol Vapour can also be released in this process.



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