Uniphos Charcoal Tubes

The Uniphos Charcoal VOC Sorbent Tubes are sealed glass tubes filled with two columns of accurately weighed, high purity coconut shell charcoal. These tubes adsorb non polar solvent vapors and gases passing through them. The gases that has been adsorbed by the charcoal, can be read by a Gas Chromatography after. 


The Uniphos Charcoal VOC Sorbent Tubes fit into a variety of holders and are used along with appropriate sampling pump & flow meter.


1. Standard Tube (100 mg/50 mg)

2. Large Tube (400 mg/200 mg)

3. Jumbo Tube (800 mg/200 mg)


The Charcoal Tubes are used to monitor personal exposure to organic vapors and aerosols. This is a NISOH approved method of organic vapours in air. To be used for short- or long term. To be used with the ASP-40 Air Sampling Pumps for the short term only. 

Charcoal Tubes are also perfect to use for zeroing any PID detector, by adsorbing all VOCs!



Click here for the Charcoal VOC Sorbent Tubes manuals.

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