Gas Detector Tubes

Uniphos  -  Globally the best features

The Uniphos "Precision" Gas Detector Tubes system consists of two parts viz. 1) the Gas Detection Tube & 2) the ASP-40 Air Sampling Pump.

The Gas Detector Tube is a glass tube filled with gas specific sensing chemical & sealed at both ends. The tube indicates the target gas concentration directly on the scale printed on the detector tube. 

Ø  Accuracy of just 90 – 95%!
Ø  Highest colour contrast in the world - Reading to 1 millimeter sharp!
Ø  Lowest price standard for tubes and pumps in all Europe
Ø  Very few pump strokes for quick measuring
Ø  Extra long tube shelf life
Ø  Possible to measure in tanks with the Uniphos Extension Hose
Ø  Complies to the EN1231 European Standard for Gas Detector Tube systems


To download the full catalogue sheet below, please follow this link.

The Uniphos Gas Detector Tubes is our thinner line of tubes, made for the 100ml Piston and Barrel type of pumps. Please visit for our thicker line of tubes, especially manufactured for all the 100ml Bellow type of pumps!



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