Phosphine (PH3) Dosimeter Tubes

UNIPHOS PH3 Dosimeter Tubes

To check if your fumigation has been successful, place a PH3 Dosimeter Tube in each corner of the chamber, and read the concentration in PPM/Hours off the tube. 

Technical Note PH3 Dosimeter Tubes for Fumigation Monitoring:™-ph3-dosimeter-tubes-for-fumigation-monitoring 

Dosimeter tube nameTube NoGas to be measuredMeasuring range (ppm)Shelf Life (year)NoteManuals
Phosphine LPG – 1 Phosphine 10.000 - 200.000 ppm hours 2  For fumigation monitoring only    Manual
Phosphine LPG – 2 Phosphine 1.000 - 20.000 ppm hours 2  For fumigation monitoring only  Manual



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