Colour Blindness Chart

Did you know: With the reading of your tubes, colour blindness  could be a really important issue? To make sure you can read your tube correctly, first make sure you don't have a colour blindness for all or just certain colours. 4% of the European people have to face the frustrations, but also the danger of being colour blind. And a lot of people do not even know... 

Please do this little test before measuring and reading your tubes. If you pass, you know there will be no risk to read the scale of a gas detection tube after measuring. Otherwise, we recommend to let someone else read the tube for you. Good luck! 


 1. Normal colour vision:

 A: 29   B: 45   C: -   D: 26

 2. Red-Green colour blind:         

 A: 70   B: -   C: 5   D: -

 3. Red colour blind:

 A: 70   B: -   C: 5   D: 6

 4. Green colour blind:

 A: 70   B: -   C: 5   D: 2


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