The Benefits of Gas Detector Tubes

The Benefits of Gas Detector Tubes

(and why this technique will always be used)

Although the gas detector tubes measurement principle is a worldwide and long used technique, we see that among a lot of people there still seem to be a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding about the benefits, in comparing to electronic detecting- and analysing equipment. This article will briefly explain you why detector tubes are an inevitable measuring technique. 

To get a better understanding of what gas detector tubes can mean for your business, it is necessary to know the basis of this measuring technique. 
In short, a gas detector tube is a glass tube filled with a chemical reagent granulate, which discolours when it comes in contact with the goal gas. To get an accurate reading, each tube has been calibrated on fixed samples of the goal gas drawed through the tube with a 100ml manual pump, which allows a measuring scale to be printed on the tube. The further the discolouration of the reagent, the higher the gas concentration is. 


This makes the gas detector tubes system a non-electric-powered way of gas detection. 

To prevent toxic gas related accidents, I have noted down the biggest benefits of using the Gas Detector Tubes system:  

  1. As the tubes are a totally different measuring principle than (electrochemical) sensors, the cross sensitivities are also different. This means that this is the absolute perfect way to verify the concentration showed by your electronic detector. In this way, you can exclude most cross sensitivities to be sure of a non-hazardous working atmosphere. Especially in combination with a PID which is detecting almost all VOC gases, gas detector tubes can be used to specify the combined VOC gases the PID is detecting. 
  2. For 99% of the detector tubes, there is no Oxygen needed for doing a measurement. This allows people to measure into tanks, wells, manholes, etc. where less Oxygen is present. Here, you can think about measuring H2S, NH3, and CO2 for safety detection or process analysing.
  3. Extreme low and high measuring ranges available, where sensors cannot reach due to over-range or insensitivity. H2S can be measured even up to 80% Vol. and CO2 up to 60% Vol. 
  4. Most tubes can be used in an environment with very high humidity and temperature without any problem. 
  5. Measuring with tubes is in most applications a lower cost measuring solution than the purchase of an electronic system. 
  6. No calibration needed, which is required with sensors every 6 months. 
  7. Specialty detector tubes available for measuring extremely exotic gases, for instance the Chemical Warfare Agents like Sarin, Tabun, Mustard gas, Lewisite, Phosgene, Adamsite, Soman, VX, Arsine, and more. 
  8. With the right pump, gas detector tubes can be used in an ATEX environment. For instance, the KWIK-DRAW Gas Tester II can offer you this solution: Gas Tester II H 

We at 7Solutions B.V. are immensely proud of having more than 30 years of experience in Gas Detection, which also contains the Gas Detector Tubes expertise, as being the official European master distributor of the UNIPHOS™ brand. For any technical difficulties you may have related to these products, we welcome you to ask us for assistance anytime, 24/7. We will be glad to jointly offer you a safer work environment or a better process analysis. 

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Source: LinkedIn: The Benefits of Gas Detector Tubes by J. Slootjes

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