UNIPHOS FUMITRACK Automatic Online Fumigation Gas Monitoring System


A field mountable online fumigation gas monitoring system for detection and continuous monitoring of different fumigant gases at mitigation locations. The inbuilt multi sampling ports capable of drawing sample from a distance of 100 meters provides fumigators with an option to cover multiple Silo's from a single point. It gives a digital output signal that can be connected to any suitable control system(Uniphos controller, DCS, PLCs etc) by RS-485 MODBUS RTU. It also gives an industry standard 4-20mA analog output signal, in addition it also provides digital input/output for PLC control. It is available for Phosphine and Methyl Bromide. 


The System can monitor any of the below described measurement ranges:
 PH3:   0-2000 ppm   &   0-20 ppm
 MBr:   0- 200 mg/L   &   0-200 ppm

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