Uniphos KwikAlert Formaldehyde


The Uniphos KwikAlert Formaldehyde gas monitor is a microprocessor based hand held instrument developed for the purpose of detection & monitoring of the target gas concentration on the hazardous locations. It employs gas sensor & advance electronic circuits. Gas sensor, when exposed to the target gas, produces current signal proportional to the gas concentration. This current signal is amplified by the electronic circuits, then digitized and shown on the alphanumeric LCD panel by the microprocessor. 

7solutions 350M fosfine 002


Sensors : Sealed Electrochemical 

Range :  0 - 10 ppm

Resolution : 1 ppm

Accuracy :

Drift :

Gas sampling : 

Electronic Alarm :

Data Storage :

Power source :

Data Transfer/Print : 

Operating temperature :

Operating pressure : 

Instrument Enclosure :

Weight :

Dimensions :


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