351M - Methyl Bromide 1-200ppm - Diffuse

The Uniphos 351M Methylbromide alert gas monitor with an inbuilt sample draw pump and data logging facility with sample identity and date-time stamp.  There are two models


  • Fumisense Pro MBr-Lo for leak detection and personal protection application
  • Range: 0-200 PPM / Resolution: 1 PPM
  • Fumisense Pro MBr-Hi for fumigation monitoring application
  • Range: 0-200 mg/L / Resolution: 1 mg/L
  • Features
  • 20x4 OLED display for better readability
  • Continuous as well as Batch sampling provision
  • Data logging facility with informations like Gas_conc., Warehouse no., Silo no., Date & Time.
  • USB interface with PC
  • GUI for data downloading, sorting & report generation
  • Soft power start - to avoid accidental ON/OFF



Gas Detected : Methyl Bromide(MBr)

Sensors : Electrochemical  

Concentration Range :  0 - 200 ppm

Resolution : 1 ppm

Detection Principle : Solid State Sensor

Accuracy : Inherently +/- 2% (but also depends on the calibration gas & method)

Drift : Less then 2% of the signal per month at constant temperature and pressure.

Gas sampling : Diffusion mode

Display : Backlit 8x2 Alphanumeric OLED Display, LEDs indicate status of power 

Function Keys : For Increment, Decrement and Setting

Electronic Alarm : 85db Audio Alarm, Visual LEDs

Electronics : Microprocessor based instrument

Connectivity : RS-232 for PC and Printer connectivity

Data Logging : Data logging facility for up to 3000 samples, Data logging wi8th user settable features, Records gas readings along with time/date

Power source : 7.4V, 1500mAH/ Li-ion rechargeable battery pack

Function keys : UP, DOWN, SET & ENTER

Operating temperature range : -10 to 40 C

Operating Pressure : Ambient +/-10%

Enclosure : ABS Plastic

Weight : 230 grams

Dimensions : H x W x D: 130 x 63 x 30 mm

Standard Accessories : Data Logging Cable, Carrying Case


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