FumiSense PRO - PH3 (no CO cross sens.) 0-1000ppm - Pumped


Ø  Advanced Microprocessor based technology

Ø  Powerful inbuilt air sampling pump (15 m sample draw capability) for remote sampling

Ø  Real time clock with provision for setting date and time

Ø  Data logging facility for up to 3000 samples

Ø  Advanced software for data downloading and sorting on PC

Ø  Option of Bluetooth communication between instrument & Printer / PC

Ø  Ability to take an instantaneous report printout of the gas reading, with date / time stamp using a portable printer 

7Solutions fumisense pro


Gas Related Specifications
Gas Detected  Phosphine (PH3) – with no CO gas cross sensivity
Concentration Range 0 – 1000 ppm 
Resolution   1 ppm
Detection Principle Electrochemical 
Response Time (T90 20 sec
Accuracy  Inherently +/- 2% (but also depends on the accuracy of the calibration gas & method) 
Sampling  Internal Sample Draw Diaphragm Pump 300-500 ml/min
Display & Indicator Specifications 
Display Backlit 16x2 Alphanumeric LCD Display, LEDs indicate status of Power 
Function Keys  For Increment, Decrement, Setting
Electronic Alarm  85 db Audio Alarm, Visual LEDs 
Electronics & Electrical Specifications
Electronics  Microprocessor based instrument
Connectivity  RS-232 for PC & Printer connectivity 
Data Logging 

Data logging facility for up to 500 samples, 
Data logging with user settable features, 
Records gas readings along with time / date 

Power Source  4.8 V / 1900 mAH Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack.
Physical Specifications
Operating Temperature Range  0 to +40 deg C
Operating Pressure  Ambient +/- 10%
Standard Accessories  Sampling Hose, Probe, Data logging Cable, Carrying Case 



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(Old version 250PM(CO), new handheld version FumiSense PRO (CO))

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