FumiSpec 1-Port - SO2F2 - 5-150g/m3

UNIPHOS FumiSpec - Sulfuryl Fluoride - IR Analyser

UNIPHOS Fumispec-Lo is a battery operated microprocessor based portable instrument for the measurement of SO2F2 in the range of 5-150 gr/m3ppm. It is mainly designed for analysing the Sulfuryl Fluoride fumigation. 

 5-150 gr/m3 measuring range
 1 gr/m3 resolution
 Battery operated handheld design
 Inbuilt sampling pump
 Easy-to-fit sampling probe with dust filter
 Inbuilt port memory for data logging with location ID & date/time stamp
 USB port for data downloading
 User settable audio visual alarm
 Soft power key - to avoid accidental switching of the Instrument
 20x4 OLED display for better readability.

Download datasheet here

Uniphos FumiSpec

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