Uniphos ASP-40 Air Sampling Pump


Uniphos ASP-40 Air Sampling Pump to be used with Uniphos Gas Detection Tubes.

Can be used with just one hand with the One Hand Operation Adapter!

No gas detection range is complete without the Uniphos gas detection tubes. Thanks to its enormous wide product range. Uniphos makes it possible to measure gases where electrical equipment have no solution to offer. The gases can be read extremely accurate by the use of the Uniphos ASP-40 piston and barrel Air Sampling Pump, which draws 100 ml of sample air into the barrel through the detector tube, connected at the inlet of the pump.

  • The Uniphos ASP-40 pump can be used with tubes of Kitagawa (Sensidyne), Gastec, RAE, Dräger, Kwik-Draw. The Uniphos tubes can be used with the pumps of Kitagawa (Sensidyne), Gastec, RAE.

Uniphos - Benefits of the ASP-40:

Ø  Always sure of an exact 100ml pump stroke, comparing to other pump methods.

Ø  Light weight and rugged piston and barrel pump.

Ø  Carries a full 5 year warranty on the ASP-40 pump.

Ø  Can be used with other brands of tubes.

Ø  Integrated tip cutter to break both ends of the detector tube.

Ø  Vacuum indicator for completion of air sampling.

Ø  Manufactured in a ISO 9001 certified company.

Ø  Product complies to the EN1231 European Standard for Gas Detector Tube systems.

Included with purchase :

  • Ø  Leather Uniphos bag with lock and key
  • Ø  Maintenance grease
  • Ø  Rubber spare connectors
  • Ø  Quick start manual


It is useful for the air monitoring at work place & confined space in Industries like:

  • Ø  Petrochemical & Refineries
  • Ø  Pharmaceutical
  • Ø  Chemical & Fertilizer
  • Ø  Fumigation
  • Ø  Food Industry
  • Ø  Pulp & Paper Mills Industries
  • Ø  Power & Steel Plants
  • Ø  Municipal Corporations
  • Ø  Environmental monitoring agencies 
  • Ø Etc. 





Click here for the ASP-40 Air Sampling Pump manual.

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